What is Wisdom? The BrightMove Data Analytics Platform

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Wisdom is our new, modern data analytics platform.  This article outlines some of the key features of Wisdom and how it can benefit your organization.

Free Trial Available

Wisdom is available to customers who subscribe to the Advanced and Enterprise Editions of BrightMove.  If you would like to request a free trial and access to the Wisdom platform, please contact Customer Success via chat, ticket or email support@brightmove.com

Analytics Applications

Cycle Time Analytics

A collection of insights, KPIs & visualizations that demonstrate how your recruiting operations are performing against internal and BrightMove suggested SLAs.  With Wisdom & Cycle Time Analytics, you can immediately see how your recruitment teams are performing relating to time-to-hire (TTH) and time-to-fill (TTF) measures.  Cycle Time Analytics allows you to explore outliers for operational issues and gain insight into what stages within the submittal workflow that your team is spending time on.

Recruiter Analytics

A collection of insights, KPIs & visualizations that illustrate the efficiency and activities of your recruiters.  Within Recruiter Analytics, you can see how your recruiters are performing against goals & other service level agreements.  This empowers operational leaders to focus on areas that need attention and to forecast future operational & financial performance with confidence.

The Platform

The Wisdom platform is 100% cloud-based and is based on world-class technology.  Deployed within AWS, the Wisdom platform enables our customers to unlock the value trapped within their ATS data.

Easy to Use

Wisdom is accessed using common tools like SQL and Excel; the Wisdom platform provide an intuitive user interface that enables our customers to unlock value within their data quickly.  Embedded Analytics are at your finger tips directly within the BrightMove application that your team uses every day.


Our modern data platform is a set of technologies and tools that is designed to manage, store, process, and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data. It includes components such as data warehousing, data integration, data quality, data governance, data security, data visualization, and advanced analytics. Wisdom is is comprised of 100% cloud-based services and the ability to process data in real-time. The goal of the Wisdom platform is to provide our customers with a comprehensive and flexible solution for managing their data needs and gaining insights from it.


Wisdom is integrated directly within the BrightMove product stack.  There isn't a new product or application that you need to familiarize yourself with.  The goal of this integrated data platform is to provide a single source of truth for our customer to access their data directly from within the tools they work from every day, enabling better decision-making and more efficient use of resources.



At BrightMove, we've constructed a data platform that can handle ANY workload that you want to throw at it.  There simply isn't a workload we cannot handle!

Technical scalability refers to the ability of the system, to handle an increasing amount of work in an efficient manner without the need to change or alter the system significantly. This can includes the ability to handle more users, larger amounts of data, and perform complex calculations. With BrightMove's Wisdom platform, you'll never have to worry about having to add more resources, such as more servers or more memory, as the system's performance is always fast.

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