Customer Assignments of Products & Services


Customer Assignments are the rules that determine which products & services within the catalog are available for fee realization and invoicing.  By assigning products & services to your customers, you are configuring the Back Office module to enable the associated catalog item to be sold to your customer on the described schedule and Bill to hierarchy level. 

Let's explore each feature in detail.

  • To access this feature, the Back Office module must be licensed and enabled.
  • In your ATS account, navigate to Back Office
  • From the Back Office menu, select Customer Assignments
  • On the right, select Add Assignment
  • Select the Customer from the drop down by typing the name
  • Select the preferred Billto hierarchy level
  • Select the Product and Pay Plan
  • For Non-Placement Products, select if the assignment is a one time entry or recurrence
  • Save the Assignment



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