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There are several ways to contact our award-winning Customer Support team. We are available Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm EST, excluding holidays. 

Live Chat

When logged into your BrightMove account, there is a blue bubble at the bottom right of your screen. If it says Chat, simply click the bubble and type in your question. One of our agents will respond, usually within seconds.

If there are no agents available, the blue bubble will instead say Help, allowing you to leave a message for us to respond during normal business hours. 

Please note: certain subscription plans do not include chat. 


Email support with support ticket tracking

You can email us 24/7 and we will respond during normal business hours. There are several ways to reach us by email. 

  • You can send an email to
  • You can also reach us while logged into your BrightMove Account.   

1. In the Help Center (note, you are currently in the Help Center), click your name.

2.  Click My Activities.

3. You will see all your previously submitted tickets. Click Submit an Activity to open a new ticket. 

  • If it is outside of normal support team hours, the Chat Bubble will instead read Help. Simply type in the requested information and your question to submit a new ticket. 

Phone support

You can reach the customer service team at (877) 482-8840. 

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