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In this article, you will learn how My Dashboard allows you to easily customize and view the data within your account.  Using the Standard Dashboard, you can rearrange panes and adjust the layout of the dashboard.  With the BrightFlow Dashboard, you can visualize submittal workflow using swim lanes.


Standard Dashboard

The standard dashboard allows you to arrange the layout and panes of commonly used features within your account.  Each user's dashboard is personalized for them.  There are a variety of panes that can be displayed on the Dashboard.  To manage the layout of your Dashboard, click the icon that looks like 4 blue squares, in the top right of the screen.

BrightFlow Dashboard

The BrightFlow Dashboard is available by selecting the BrightFlow button at the top-right of the dashboard, underneath your avatar and notification bell.

Once activated, your dashboard will change and display the Open/Submittable jobs. Each swimlane shows the number of Candidates in each submittal status per job.

To go back to the standard dashboard view, select the Dashboard button where the BrightFlow button was originally located.


There are various ways you can adjust and filter the BrightFlow dashboard.

  • The Job Filter search bar allows you to filter by location (City or State), Job ID, Job Title, Client/Department name, or Manager name. Just type in the box to begin filtering
    • The number under the filter will update in real time showing how many jobs match your search criteria and the total number of jobs in either the My Open Jobs or All Open Jobs category. 


  • With the Recruiter(s) button, you can filter by jobs by specific recruiters. Click None Selected to pick your recruiter(s) and begin filtering


  • On the right, these three buttons will let you:
    • Refresh the BrightFlow dashboard
    • Toggle view of All Open Jobs in your company
    • Toggle view of My Open Jobs, which are just the jobs where you are the recruiter


Editing BrightFlow Swimlanes:

To edit your BrightFlow swimlanes, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. BrightFlow Setup

From here, you can:

  • Edit the swimlane titles and colors by clicking the pencil icon
  • Delete swimlanes by clicking the trashcan icon
  • Add/remove submittal statuses to swimlanes by dragging and dropping them from the Unassigned section
  • Add Swimlanes
  • Discard Changes and start over
  • Save your changes



Additional Information:

Here, we'll cover additional assorted information pertaining to the BrightFlow dashboard.

  • In the Swimline Totals row, the totals update in real time as you filter results. It is also sortable by the numerical value in each lane by either ascending or descending value. Simply click the sort option in the right of the lane you which to sort. The large arrow indicates the column you are sorting by and whether it is ascending or descending. 


  • Each row is a separate job. It will include:
    • Job name
    • Job ID
    • Client/Department and Manager
    • City and state, if available


  • Job title, Job ID, Manager, and Client/Department are also clickable to view the corresponding profile 
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