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While browsing the web in Chrome, you can add candidates directly into your BrightMove account without leaving the web page. Our People Parser tool makes it easy. Click here for instructions on downloading it. 

Add New Candidates:

It's very simple to use this app to parse in resume information you find online to create a new Candidate profile in BrightMove! 

 It works on any website page that contains text. 

1. You need to be logged in to your BrightMove account in the Chrome browser. 

2. While online and you see resume information you'd like to have in your account, to parse a partial page, simply highlight the text you want parsed and then click the BrightMove parser icon in your browser. Alternatively, you may choose to parse the entire web page as a Contact Profile by not highlighting anything and simply click the parser icon.



3. Select Parse the Current Page as an Applicant (candidate). 



4. For new candidates, an edit window will display allowing you to adjust the information that you would like to have parsed into your account.  If you would like to skip this preview and parse all of the information as is, check the Skip Parse Preview box before pressing the blue Parse buttons.  You can even add them to a Folder and/or Submit them to a Job in the preview screen. 

5. Click Save New Profile.



That's it! It really is very easy and fast!

Update Existing Candidates: 

You can also use the People Parser tool to update existing candidate profiles. Any newly parsed candidate profile will automatically be run through the default BrightMove duplication check.  If the profile is a duplicate, you will have an option to update the existing profile if desired. 

  1. Click the Arrow next to the information you would like to update.
  2. Click Update Existing Profile
  3. If you prefer, you can create a new profile with the duplicate information by clicking Save New Profile.


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