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A folder in BrightMove is similar to a file folder in an old fashioned filing cabinet. You may have a folder titled "resumes - Daytona" that you fill with paper resumes of people looking for a job who are living in Daytona, Florida. You can create that same folder in BrightMove to store electronic applicant profiles and resumes in.

mceclip2.png   To add a new candidate folder in BrightMove:
  1. Click Candidates
  2. Click Folders
  3. Click Add Folder
  4. Input the Folder Name
  5. Click Shared if you want other users to see it. 
  6. Click Save. 



A public folder is one that a user creates and shares with the company. Other users can view the folders and their contents. This is signified at folder creation by clicking the Shared box. 

A private folder is one that a licensed user creates without sharing. The only person who can see the folder and its contents is the user who created it.


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