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You can mark Candidate profiles as Confidential to limit who is allowed to view them. Only users with the security permission to View Confidential Applicants will be able to see them. 


Making a candidate confidential, affects different parts of BrightMove. 

  • In an "Everything" Power Search, the names will be visible but the profile can not be viewed. Users will get a security message that they do not have permission to view the profile.
  • In all other Power Searches, the name will not be in the results at all if the user are is not allowed to view confidential candidates.
  • In the Job Submittals tab, users you cannot view Confidential Candidates will see the Candidates name but if they try to click to the profile, they get a message that they cannot view it.

To mark a profile as confidential,

  1. Click More
  2. Click Make Confidential

To make a confidential profile visible to everyone, 

  1. Click More
  2. Click Make Visible
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Confidential profile will display a lock icon beside the candidate's name.


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