Candidate Power Search


You have all these great candidates in your database, but how do you go about finding them? The Candidate Power Search is the best way to search through your BrightMove database. We have a point and click search interface to help make filtering through your candidates easier. 


To get to Power Search:

  1. Click on Candidates
  2. Click on Power Search


From this screen, you can utilize Power Search to pull candidates from your database with a variety of search filters.



You can use the Actions menu to perform a variety of tasks including: Add NoteAdd Activity, and Add Tag. You can also View Activities or View Submittals for a particular candidate. The Actions menu is accessible in the Actions column or by right clicking. 



The View Resume action is a feature specific to candidates that allows for easy viewing of profile. For additional information on Power Search in general please see the Additional Help section. 


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