Zapier Integration

Zap is a blueprint for a workflow you want to do over and over automatically. Creating a Zap involves choosing a trigger, adding one or more action steps, testing the Zap, and finally, turning the Zap on.

Zapier allows you to connect the apps you know and love to build workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and save time.

Note for RPO: Due to Zapier's architecture this integration is only possible using an API Key for a licensed user on each individual account. This means a parent user cannot create Zaps for child accounts and must use a separate login/license on the child account.

Set Up

If you do not have a Zapier account, please set one up prior to attempting this integration. 

As of April 2017 Zapier offers a Free version. This Free version will work with the BrightMove Zaps and allows up to 5 Zaps. They also have additional paid plans to allow for more than 5 Zaps and more advanced options. 

  1. Log into your BrightMove account> Settings> "API Key". You will need to know both your Company API Key and Personal User API Key. 

  2. Next, log into your Zapier account. Go to "Connected Accounts" (in upper menu).
  3. Search for "BrightMove" under "Connected Accounts". 

  4. You will then be prompted to enter your BrightMove Company API Key and User API Key. Both are Required. 

  5. Now you are ready to make a Zap! Click at the top of the screen. 


How to Create a Zap

Here are two helpful Zapier links on how to build a Zap and Zap Workflow:

Zapier Integration Options

Zapier connects with hundreds of software applications that can be used with BrightMove. To view the full list of choices in Zapier, click on "Explore" in your Zapier Dashboard.

Here you can view Popular Apps or search for specific Apps.

Current Available BrightMove Triggers

BrightMove will be adding to this list over time. Below are examples of what is currently available.

*If you would like to suggest future Triggers for Zaps, please enter your suggestion in your BrightMove Help menu option "Request a BrightMove Feature". 

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