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We will provide you with information on how to post your open jobs to external job boards.

External Job Posting Overview:

BrightMove has developed relationships with many different external Job Boards. We have a special way of sending jobs from BrightMove, so that the jobs will post on their sites just as if you had gone to the site and manually posted it yourself. When you add, edit or delete a job in BrightMove, the respective changes are made on the job boards automatically using our job distribution engine.  This eliminates hours of manual work to keep the job boards in sync with your ATS.

Confidential Job Listing

Do you want your job listing to be confidential? As long as a company name is not included in the job description, there will be no company associated with the job listing. This applies to BrightMove Staffing Edition companies only.  You must also not include any other company information within the job details itself.

Instructions for Job Boards that Require Activation

For customers who have integrated job board posting with Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, or Military.com, the jobs will be un-posted from the RTP board(s) automatically when the Job Status is changed to a non-submittable status (Closed, Filled, etc) or when the Post to Web box is unchecked.

Monster Integration Wiki

For detailed information on the integration with Monster.com, see the Monster Integration Wiki.

CareerBuilder Integration Wiki

For detailed information on the integration with CareerBuilder.com, see the CareerBuilder Integration Wiki.

Job Boards that Update Automatically

BrightMove sends your job feed to the job boards listed below. However, each job board has a QA process and criteria that must be met in order for the job to be posted to their site. Please contact support@brightmove.com if your jobs are Posted to Web but are not appearing on the job boards. After eliminating any internal causes, you may refer to contact the job board directly to inquire if the job was stopped by the QA check and how to proceed.

The following Job Boards are updated on a daily basis at 2:30pm EST:

  • Jooble (via ZipRecruiter)
  • Trovit
  • OLX - International


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