Paid Custom SOW Requests

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If you have a large project that you want to add to BrightMove, we would be able to put together a written SOW and perform some contracted paid improvements based on your specifications. 


SOW Request Process

  1. Submit a ticket to Support explaining what you would like. 
  2. Support will talk to the development team and get an estimate of the costs. 
  3. If the estimate is acceptable, Support will being preparing your SOW request. The request will include:
    • price
    • estimated date of completion
    • detailed description of the work to be completed
    • items not covered by the development work
  4. The SOW will be reviewed and signed by both parties.  
  5. Payment will be processed. 
  6. Development work will begin and Support will work with the customer throughout the process. 
  7. After the work is completed, a go live date will be set (based on the release cycle for BrightMove).

SOW Examples

  • Custom Reports (New or changes to existing)
  • Custom Dashboard Panes
  • Feature Requests or Improvements that you want fast tracked
  • Data changes
  • Major data cleanups for established accounts
  • Progression setup or changes after previous approval
  • Copying data from one account to another
  • Candidate imports
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