Basic Candidate Information

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We will cover the basic information in a candidate profile, sometimes referred to as their baseball card. 



General Info

Each candidate is assigned a unique identifier in they system called their BrightMove ID. This is displayed at the top of their profile next to the word Candidate

The Candidate's name and some basic details will display such as their Address, Email address, and Phone number. You can edit any of these by selecting the pencil icon

The Candidate may also have a picture of themselves automatically populate into their profile if they have an an account on Gravatar. If they do not, then a geometric pattern will display instead. If the account is OFCCP enabled, we will never display the photo.

You may also upload a photo into the candidate profile.

  1. Select the image square
  2. Paste an image URL or Browse your local computer to upload the desired image
  3. Make any adjustments using the tools provided
  4. Select Save and Close to submit the changes


You have the ability to Rank a Candidate using a 5-star system. Simply click the appropriate star rank you would like to assign to the Candidate. If you would like to clear the Candidate's Rank, click the cross out icon to the right of the ranking.


The candidate's current Job Title and Company will also show on their profile. If you update their current title in the Employment History tab, it will also update here. 


Social Media Accounts

This feature provides easy searching and access for a Candidate's Social Media accounts. Currently supported Social Media networks are: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If an account is already connected, you can click on the social media logo to access the linked profile. 

To Connect a Social Media Account to a Candidate's profile

  1. Click on the Social Media icon for the account you would like to add
  2. Locate the correct profile from the available list
  3. Highlight the profile you'd like to connect (by moving your mouse over it)
  4. When a check mark appears, click on the profile and it will begin connecting
  5. After you get a success message, Close the window. 
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