Attachments Tab on Candidate Profile

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The attachments tab is a great place to store additional documents associated with the candidate. BrightMove automatically adds attachments, but you can also upload your own. 


Attachments that are automatically added in this section include any resumes, answers to Basic Qualification questions, and any BrightForms on the account. 



You can upload attachments including interview transcripts and background screen results: by selecting Add Attachment. 

  1. Click Add Attachment.
  2. Enter a description.
  3. Click Choose File and locate the file you want to upload. 
  4. Unselect Public if you want the attachment to be private. 
  5. Click Save

Your new attachment will appear in the list. 

There are three actions a user can take on an Attachment:

  • Make Private/Public - this toggles the visibility of the Attachment for other users
  • Edit - this allows you to edit the description and visibility status of the Attachment
  • Delete - this will delete the Attachment from the Candidate's profile

Additionally, clicking on the Attachment Filename in the table will download the Attachment to your device. 

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