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Do you want to see a record of any job the candidate has applied to through your company? Have you placed this candidate in the past? Maybe they got far in an interview process previously. You can see all this in the Submittals Tab on the Candidate Profile. 

This tab outlines the Candidate's interview and placement history from the initial screening process all the way through placement. You can quickly and easily see where the Candidate is in the recruiting and hiring process at any time for any job. 



The Submittal tab has the Job ID, title, client/department, a progress bar, the current status of the candidate, placement start and end date if applicable, date the candidate applied to the job, the last activity, last activity date, and rank for each job the candidate has applied to. 

You can click View to see a complete history of interactions with the candidate for a particular job. 

Clicking Delete will remove all submittal activity that is associated with the candidate for a particular position. 

You can also click Add Activity to add an activity or update the candidate's status for a particular job. 


The submittals tab is especially helpful in identifying if a candidate has a history with your company or has applied to multiple jobs. It can help save recruiters from doing extra work. 

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