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The Activities tab contains a record of all activities that have been recorded for your manager. In this article, we'll look at this tab in detail.


Track Activities

If an email is sent from within BrightMove (mass or single email), it is automatically recorded in the Activities section of the manager profile!

The email will feature an envelope icon indicating whether or not it has been opened. The icon will change once opened and hovering over it will show you the Last Read date and time.


Add Activity

To manually enter an activity into a manager's record:

  1. Click the Add Activity link on the top right side of the activity section. The New Manager Activity screen will be displayed. manager-create-new-activity.PNG
  2. Choose an activity type from the drop down box provided
  3. Select the Start Time and End Time date and time
  4. Enter text in the Comments box if desired.
  5. Click Save

The activity will be saved in the Activity section of the Manager record. Activities are displayed with the most recent activity first.

Set Reminders

A reminder is set up almost the same way as a regular activity in the Manager Profile.

  1. Select the Add Activity link in the Activities section of the profile page
  2. Select activity type from the dropdown
  3. Check the Set Reminder box.
  4. Select a time from the menu, indicating the amount of time before your activity you'd like to be reminded
  5. Fill in any comments
  6. Click on the Resources tab and put a checkmark in the Email to me box if you'd like to have this reminder linked to your Outlook calendarmanager-activities-reminder.PNG
  7. Click the Save button.

When the time comes, the bell icon in the top right will display a notification for your activity.

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