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We'll take a look at the Activity Timeline on the manager profile.

The Activity Timeline is a visual representation of every logged activity within a manager's profile.

Each activity type will be displayed by its Create Date with any future activities separated at the very top. Specific icons will display for each type of activity shown, and internal BrightMove links will be accessible where applicable.

Accessing the Timeline:

The Timeline view will appear as an action button in your profiles.  Select the Timeline button to open the activity log and review that specific candidate or manager's activity history.  


Understanding the Timeline:

The activity Timeline is divided into sections for

  • Future activities
  • Present activities
  • Past activities
  • And the Audit information for the profile.

The future activities will always be at the very top of the view list and can be hidden by selecting the Hide Future Activities action button, or you may refresh the timeline by selecting the circular arrow icon.

Future Activities:

Future activities are defined as any activity that occurs later than the immediate moment in time that you are viewing the profile.

Common future activities include:

  • Scheduled calls
  • Meetings
  • Company events. 

The separation line between future and present/past activities is denoted with a line break and "Now" icon.


Present and Past Activities:

Any activity that is currently happening or has already happened will be displayed within the middle section of the Timeline view.

You can set the timeline to only show these activities by selecting the Hide Future Activity action button.

Selecting the View button on any activity will open a pop-up window of the activity details and will allow for downloading, editing, or deleting the activity where applicable.


Audit Details:

The final section of the Timeline displays information about the creation of the profile.

The profile's Create Date, Creation Time, and Create User are listed.

When you see the blue plus sign, you will know that you have reached the very end of the profile's recorded activity history.



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