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Two or more managers can be linked together in order to view consolidated Notes and General Activities. The Jobs and Submittal information will not be linked, as they are tied to specific Clients.

This is common when a manager moves from one hiring company to another, or if a manager moves from one department to another.

How to Link Manager Profiles:

  1. On a manager's profile click the More dropdown button, then select Link Manager.
  2. First and Last name are used to suggest matches. You will see potential matches in the "Manager Link Suggestions" section.
  3. Click the blue "Link" icon on the right of the row to link the suggested Manager to the current one.


Distributive Linking:

Remember that Algebra from middle school that you would never use? Well here it is, but in much simpler terms.

If Manager A is linked to Manager B, represented by


A => B


And Manager B is linked to Manager C, represented by


B => C


Then Manager A must be linked to Manager C, represented by


A => B => C


Distributive Unlinking:

Using the same logic as above, if


A => B => C


and, A is unlinked from B, then A will not be linked to any other manager, and the remaining link is


B => C


Linking Groups of Linked Managers:

To take our logic a bit further, if there are 2 groups or linked managers represented by


A => B => C



X => Y => Z


And you link B to Y, the following is true that if



B => Y




A => B => C => X => Y => Z


In summary, if you link a manager from a group of linked managers to another manager in a group of linked managers, then both groups becomes linked together to form 1 comprehensive group.

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