Managing Multiple Approvers

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You've learned how to create a Job Approver. But what if you have multiple users who need to approve a job before it's ready to go live?

Here we'll talk about managing multiple approvers and how that will affect your workflow.

Approver Chain:

Setting up multiple approvers is easy:

  1. Navigate to your Manager
  2. On the left-hand vertical menu, scroll down until you see Job Approvers


  3. Click the blue plus (+) symbol
  4. On the Manage Job Approvers menu, click the blue plus (+) symbols to add an approvermanagerapprovers.PNG
  5. From here, you can rearrange the approver order by clicking and dragging the blue up/down arrows next to their names

Order of Approvers:

The order of your approvers in an approval chain is very important. This determines the order of who approves the job, starting from the first approver at the top and ending at the final approver at the bottom.

In the example below, Sam will approve the job first, then it passes to Rodion second. Finally, Jason gives the final approval and the job is created.



The order that you have established here must be followed. Every member of your approval chain must approve the job in the appropriate order until the chain is complete and the job is approved.

If the job creator is a Recruiter who is inside of this approval chain, the job will not be approved until it makes its way through the approval process, unless they are the final approver in the chain. If they are the final approver, the system will behave as if all preceding approvers have approved the job.

Alternatively, if the recruiter is neither first nor last, only a portion of the chain needs to be completed.

For Example: Using the same screenshot above as a reference, if Rodion were to create a job, the system will behave as if Sam has already approved it, while Jason will still need to provide the final approval.

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