Merging Duplicate Managers

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We'll discuss how to deal with duplicate manager profiles. BrightMove's default criteria to define a  duplicate are First Name, Last Name and Email address matching. The criteria can be changed in Settings> Duplication Fields, if desired.

Duplicates are calculated & refreshed automatically every couple hours by the system however there is a button to Recalculate Duplicates in real-time if needed in the upper right of the Manage Duplicates screen.  


What Gets Merged

When merging two profiles, the fields that are merged are:

  • User activities
  • Notes
  • Phone numbers
  • Submittals
  • Submittal activities

Where to View and Merge Manager Profiles


To get to the duplicate manager management section: 

  1. Click your picture in upper right (Quick Links menu). 
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Duplicate Managers



To Merge Candidate Profiles

  1. Click Manage (right side)
  2. You can view the duplicate profiles to determine which one should remain after the merge if you'd like. If you already know which profile should remain, skip to step 3.
  3. Choose the profile you wish to remain the primary profile.
  4. Click Save. The duplicates will now be gone and the single selected profile will remain.

*Once merged, the duplicate profiles no longer exist and cannot be recovered or split back out. 


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