Candidate-to-Manager Sendout Screen

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We'll breakdown the process of sending candidates to hiring managers. Reaching the Sendout screen is as simple as clicking the Communicate dropdown on the candidate profile and selecting Send to Manager.



When sending candidate information to a manager, an email Sendout screen will be generated. Within this screen, you can assign the desired manager for the sendout as well as CC and BCC any related recipients.

A customizable email editor is provided along with links to our substitution fields for creating your email message.

The Candidate and Attachments sections will display the candidate list attached to the sendout along with any attachments from those candidate profiles. 

Manager and CC/BCC Assignment:


The top section of the Sendout screen will provide a client/department selection field along with department/location and manager fields. This is where you will be selecting which manager you will be sending your candidate to.

To begin:

  1. Click Search Clients/Departments field to select the client/department account the manager belongs to
  2. Click Search Departments/Locations and make choice, as in step 1
  3. Search Manager and select the manager who will receive the sendout

See Writing a Manager Sendout Email to read more about building your sendout email.

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