Why are my Labels Different from the Help Center?

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BrightMove is highly customizable so some of the information in your account may look different from the screen grabs or instructions.  In addition, depending on the software package you have, the standard labels are even different. 


This Help Center was designed around a basic account with no customization. As such all the article titles and contents are written based on the standard labels. We try our best to make the Help Center searchable using common alternatives to our standard labels, but not all possibilities are covered. If you are having trouble returning results, try searching with the below standard labels. 


Common Alternatives to our Standard Labels

Candidate: Applicant 

Job: Requirement

Manager: Contact

Client/Department: Division, Business Unit, Customers, Region

Department/Location: Office


Here is some basic information about the structure of all BrightMove Accounts: 


Candidate Profiles are stand alone and not tied into anything. These are submitted to jobs either by the recruiter or by the candidate themselves. 

For Staffing: Jobs are assigned to managers who are assigned to locations which are assigned to clients. 



For HR: Jobs are assigned to managers who are assigned to locations which are assigned to departments 



There are several additional tabs that not all customers utilize

You can request these be added or removed by contacting the admin on your account or BrightMove Support. 

Opportunities - a basic CRM inside of BrightMove

Back Office - a basic time card management system built into BrightMove

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