The Client/Department Profile

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A wide range of information can be viewed and stored within the client/department profile. In this article and others, we'll breakdown the information you'll find here.

The Profile:

The client/department profile is the information associated with a potential or current client/department.

Basic information such as address, logo, websitephones assigned to the Main department/location, and more can be found vertically, on the left-hand side of the client/department profile.

The logo is automatically derived from the website inputted.

Note: Depending on the website entered, a logo may not always be found.


To edit the basic client/department profile information, you can either click the pencil icons next to the individual field, or if you'd prefer to edit the entire profile:

  1. Click More in the top right
  2. Edit
  3. Save when finished

This will open the full Edit menu that will allow you to make several changes at once.

EEOC Overrides:

If the EEOC fields are toggled off in your Company Preferences, the EEOC override boxes will be shown on the client/department profiles.

This allows you to have the EEOC questions off for all clients/departments and the ability turn them on only for client/departments that require them to be asked according to OFCCP laws.

Simple click the toggle buttons to enable EEOC overrides:



In the basic information section, you can also add Tags to your clients/departments.

To do this, click on the field that says Add a tag and begin typing to assign a tag from your company's tag database.



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