Writing a Manager Sendout Email

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Once you've found the Manager Sendout screen, you'll want to write your email. In this article, you'll find some instructions on how to do that.

Crafting the Email Message:

For each sendout, an Email Subject line will be provided and is required to send any communication.  Fill in the email subject and then navigate down into the Initial Email Body editor to draft your email communication. 


CC and BCC sections are provided to include any additional recipients who need to be copied or blind carbon copied into the email sendout.


Send in a Single Email provides the option to combine all candidate messages and attachments into a single email that will be sent to the associated recipients.

Leaving this setting un-checked will send individual emails for every candidate assigned to the sendout.


Candidate List:

A list of assigned candidates is provided just below the email body editor. The candidate names are shown along with links back to the individual candidate profiles for further review.


Managing Attachments:

Attachments can be previewed, assigned, and removed as needed.

Select the Preview action button to download a copy of the attachment for review.

Select Assign to add the attachment to the email sendout, and you can select Remove to un-assign any attachment that should not go out with the email.

If no attachments are selected, a warning message will be displayed within a red information box.


Here's what it looks like when an attachment is assigned:


Complete the Sendout:

Once all fields have been configured as desired, review the information on the screen for accuracy and then select the Send icon to complete the sendout.  

*If the Send icon is shown in gray, a required field is missing and will need to be filled in before the email can be sent. 

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