Managing your Manager Folders

In this Article:

We'll discuss the various ways you can manage your manager folders.

The Front Page:


  • From the main Manager Folders page, you can click on the various columns, such as Name and Members, to sort them
  • The Search bar on the top right allows you to filter your view of the page
  • If you have the appropriate security permissions, you can Edit or Delete folders
  • From the Edit screen, you can change the title and adjust the Shared setting

Inside a Manager Folder:

Inside the manager folder, you can take various actions, such as removing individual managers, adding notes and activities, or performing mass actions.


To Add Note, Add Activity, Edit, or Remove a manager, click the appropriate action button in your chosen manager's row.

To perform a mass action:

  1. Check mark the managers
  2. Click Choose Action for List in the top-right of the page
  3. Select your desired mass action from the list


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