Refining Your Power Search

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Sometimes you want to quickly refine your search without going through the steps of adding another filter. The Refine By buttons let you do just that.

Refining the Search:

To refine by commonly used terms, you can click any one of the boxes on the left-hand side of Power Search to instantly apply a filter to your current search.


For example, I'm performing a Wildcard search for all of my Candidates. Instead of going through the steps to add a filter, I'd like to instantly see all my Candidates who were sourced from Indeed.

To do that:

  1. Prepare your initial search, whether that be a Wildcard (*) search or another filter
  2. Click one of the Refine By checkboxes on the left


As you can see, I've clicked on the box titled Candidate Source: Indeed, which instantly applied that filter to my search.

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