Department/Location Managers Tab

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We'll discuss the Managers tab for your departments/locations

The Managers Tab:

In this tab, you can view the managers assigned to this department/location. Like with all tabs, you can sort the columns by clicking the arrows next to each column title.


From this view, you can Add Manager or Filter View.

Add Manager:

Click the blue Add Manager button to quickly add a manager to this department/location.


Filter View:

Clicking the Filter View button will bring you to the Filters page.


From here, you can hide entities and statuses based on the criteria on display. To hide:

  1. Select the term you'd like to hide from the left-hand list
  2. Click the blue button with the arrow pointing right, moving the term into the Hide column.
  3. Click Submit at the bottom of the page

Your hidden term will now be filtered from view.

Mass Actions:

This tab feature a dropdown menu that allows you to take mass-actions. To do this:

  1. Click the check box next to each manager for whom you'd like to take an action
  2. Click the Choose Action for Listchoose_action.PNG
  3. Once your action is selected, click Go to proceed



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