Mass Copy (Power Search Feature)

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Learn how to mass copy new Jobs from the Job Power Search.



  1. Start a Jobs Power Search
  2. Select the Jobs you want to copy
  3. Click the Choose Action for List dropdown
  4. Select the type of job copy you want, options are:
    • Copy - Post to Web and Internal disabled - Copied job will NOT be checked to Post to Web or to Post to Internal.
    • Copy - Post to Web enabled - Copied job will be defaulted to Post to Web.
    • Copy- Post to Internal enabled - Copied job will be defaulted to Post to Internal.
    • Copy- Post to Web and Post to Internal enabled - Copied Job will be defaulted to Post to Web & Post to Internal.
  5. Click Go


A private job folder is created and will open for you to view. The folder is titled Mass Job Copy - Date/Time. You will be redirected to view and manage the new folder of copied jobs. 


You can edit a job by selecting the Job Title. You can also mass update the Job Status by selecting the dropdown in the top right (Note: if this option is not visible, an administrator must add the Mass Update Job Status permission to your security role). Any User Defined Fields and/or Basic Qualifications (BQ) assigned to the original job being copied will also be copied onto the new job created.


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