Candidate Power Search - Expert Mode


Expert Mode allows you to search multiple fields within BrightMove at once using Expert Queries. If you are familiar with Boolean, this is the search mode for you. 

Expert Mode:

To get to Expert Mode: 

  1. Click on Candidates.
  2. Click on Power Search.
  3. Click the check mark for Expert Mode. 


The following table will contain available search fields along with their Boolean search term, search type, and example formatted searches for some of the more complex search options.

Search Field
Search Column
Search Type
Search Format Examples
Everything text Text

text:Java, Sql AND (.net OR analyst)

Resume resume_text Text  
Cover Letter cover_letter_text Text  
Applicant Name name Text  
Current Title current_title Text  
Current Company current_company Text  
First Name first_name Text  
Last Name last_name Text  
Middle Name middle_name Text  
Nickname nickname Text  
Username username Text  
Status Note status_note Text Area  
Status applstat_id Select Drop Down  
Location address_text Text address_text:123 OR jacksonville OR (New York)
Rank rank Number 0-5
Phone Number phone_number_search Text phone_number_search:5556667898
SMS Opt In sms_opt_in CheckBox



SSN tax_id Number  
Date of Birth dob Date


Tag tags Text  
Active Placement Custom Criteria CheckBox placement_start_date:[* TO 2019-01-09T13:53:30Z] AND placement_ending_date:[2019-01-09T13:53:30Z TO *] AND -placement_type_id:3
Placement Type placement_type_id Select Drop Down

placement_type_id:(1 OR 2)


Placement Start Date placement_start_date Date yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'
Placement End Date placement_ending_date Date yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'
Hire Date hire_date Date yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'
Recruiter recruiter_name Text  
Available Date available_date Date yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'
Update Date modify_date Date yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'
Update User modify_user Text modify_user:Jake OR Matt
Email email Text  
Email Allowed email_allowed CheckBox  
Applicant ID applicant_gk Number  
Create User create_user Text  
Create Date create_date Date yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'
Referred By referred_by Text  
Current Pay current_pay Number  
Current Pay Type current_paytype_id Select Drop Down  
Desired Pay desired_pay Number  
Desired Pay Type desired_paytype_id Select Drop Down  
Pay Comments pay_comments Text  
Do Not Hire do_not_hire CheckBox  
Primary Skills primary_skills Text  
Current Employee current_employee CheckBox  
Applicant Source applsrc_id Select Drop Down  
Employment Type empltype_id Select Drop Down  
Visa Status visastat_id Select Drop Down  
Preferred Location preferred_location Text  
Legacy ID legacy_id Text  
Attachment Name filename Text  
Attachment Text filedata Text  
Folder folder_gk Select Drop Down  
Within Requirement submitted_req_gk Select Drop Down  
Within Requirement ID submitted_req_gk Number  
Current Submittal Status ID current_substat_gk Select Drop Down  
Current Submittal Status current_substat_name Text  
History Submittal Status ID history_substat_gk Select Drop Down  
History Submittal Status history_substat_name Text  
Office recruiter_office_gk Select Drop Down  
Vendor vendor_gk Select Drop Down  
Applicant Address address Text  
Applicant Address 2 address2 Text  
City city Text  
State state_id Select Drop Down  
Country country_code Select Drop Down  
Postal Code postal_code_search Text  
Job History Title job_history_title Text  
Job History Company job_history_company Text  
Education Type edu_type_id Select Drop Down  
Institution edu_institution Text  
Degree edu_degree Text  
Major edu_major Text  
Minor edu_minor Text  
Certification edu_certification Text  
Education Notes edu_notes Text  
Activities activity Text  


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