Managing Client/Department Folders

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Client/Department Folders come in handy when you or your business needs to better organize the Clients/Departments you work with.

Here we'll discuss how to manager those folders once they've been created.

Managing the Main Page:

From the main Client/Department Folders page, you can take several actions.


In the top right of the page, you have All Folders, My Folders, Public Folders, and Add Folder. We've already covered Add Folder in our article Creating a Client/Department Folder, so let's focus on the first three.


These toggles allow you to adjust your view of this page:

  • All Folders displays both your Folders and your shared colleagues' Folders
  • My Folders displays only the Folders you have created
  • Public Folders displays all publicly shared Folders, including the ones you choose to share

From this page, you can also search for keywords on your Folders page.


Sorting your Folders can be done by clicking the arrows next to each column.

Finally, you can Edit and Delete these Folders by clicking the action buttons next to the corresponding Folder. If you do not see those icons, you do not have access to those actions in your security role.

Deleting Clients/Departments from a Folder:

If you'd like to remove a Client/Department from a specific Folder, start by clicking on the name of the Folder to enter that Folder's page:


Click the blue Remove button to delete a client from the Folder.

To mass delete Clients/Departments from Folders:

  1. Click the checkbox next to each Client/Department
  2. Click on the dropdown titled Choose Action for List
  3. From there, select Mass Remove Clients/Departments from Folder

Please note that the ability to mass remove Clients/Departments from a Folder is based on security role permission. If you do not see this option, please contact an account Administrator.

Other Mass Actions:

From inside Folders you can perform other mass actions.

After clicking on your folder and check marking your desired Clients/Departments, click on Choose Action for List. From there, you can:

  • Create and Send to New Folder to simultaneously create a new folder and send these Clients/Departments there
  • Send to My Public Folder to send your selection to another one of your Public Folders
  • Add Tag to mass tag your selection
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