Power Search Basics


In this article, you will learn about Power Search, our robust search tool that allows you to easily and efficiently search your database.  We'll walk you through the most common ways to utilize this tool.  Power Search can be used to search for Jobs, Candidates, Client Contacts, Managers, Clients and Departments.

To use Power Search, use the left hand navigation pane to go to the appropriate search screen.  Once you've selected the Power Search menu item, you'll encounter this screen (we've chosen a Candidate Power Search for this example):


Wildcard Searches:

If you wish to to run a Power Search and pull every Candidate, Manager, Client/Department, or Job from your database, simply place an asterisk (*) in the search box labeled Power Search.  This will instruct the search engine to return all records.  This is called a wildcard search.


Relevant Company Preferences:

There are many Company Preferences under the Settings menu that affect Power Search.

The Company Preference titled Assume Wildcard on Search will affect your Power Search. If enabled, Wildcard will be applied to all single terms in Power Searches to make searching more intuitive. This is especially helpful for Name searching.

Special Characters:

Searches that contain a slash / or other characters need to be inside quotes; i.e., "A/D"

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