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The Candidate Experience Portal settings are contained within several tabs below your main portal settings. Tabbing through the various sections will provide additional options for configuring your experience portals.


Terms/Conditions Tab

This section is used for Terms and Conditions that will show on your career site as part of the process of applying to a job. If Basic Qualifications (BQ's) are in use, the T&C has always been on the BQ attachment. The addition applies when there are no BQ's being used, the T&C will be stored as its own attachment.


If you do not want to save the Terms and Conditions as an attachment on the candidate profile, simply toggle off the Save T&C Attachment setting. 

Indeed Apply Terms & Conditions Preference

We've added the ability to determine where your Terms & Conditions will appear in the Indeed Apply application (if enabled for your company). The new company preference is located in Settings> Company Preferences and is called "Show Terms & Conditions as the first option in External Application". If this preference is False (default) the T&C will appear at the end of the Indeed Apply application. If True, the T&C will appear at the beginning. 


The Notifications section will be used to assign your From Email for all automatic responses as well as the assignment of all communication templates.  Please refer to the list below for a brief description of each template set.


All templates are populated from your Communication Templates found in Settings.

  • Candidate Response Template (Candidate Template): This template is for when candidates apply to a job through your career portal. If none is selected, a default email will be used.
  • New Profile Response Template (Candidate Template: This template is for when candidates create a profile to apply to jobs through your career portal. If none is selected, a default email will be used.
  • Application Denied Template (Candidate Template): This template is for when candidates fail to meet your Basic Qualifications. The default message is "Based on the answers that you gave to some of the questions on the job application, we have determined that we can not accept your application at this time. You can try applying for a different job, or you may want to double-check your job application answers to make sure they are all answered correctly and honestly."  
  • Submittal Notification Template (Recruiter Template): This template is sent out to the Recruiter assigned to a job when they have a new submittal.
  • Forgot Password Template (Candidate Template): This template is sent out to candidates when they click Forgot Password on your portal. 

Custom Messages

The Custom Messages settings will display custom text within your online application. You have the option to add in a custom Job Detail Message, a Job Application Detail Message, and a Job Application Confirmation Detail Message. Adding text to any of these fields will display the custom text on its associated page during the application process.


Basic Display

This tab shows the Sort Open Jobs by Title setting. This setting will toggle ON/OFF the ability to sort your open jobs by their titles alphabetically. Leaving this setting off will result in the open jobs being sorted by Newest first. 


Advanced Display

This advanced section should only be used by web programmers, or those with extensive web programming experience. The fields present in this section allow for customizing the experience portal using HTML code for the wrapper, main section wrapper, and page section wrapper code. Please contact support if you need a custom branded Candidate Experience Portal created for you.


The UDFs section allows for the assignment of custom User Defined Fields (UDFs) to the portal. If you have created custom UDFs that you would like added to your portal, selecting the + icon for each desired UDF in the Available section will move the UDF into the Selected section and assign it to your application. To remove an assigned UDF, select the - icon on the Selected section to move the UDF back into the Available section and un-assign it. Both sections contain filters for searching your UDF list and can be cleared using the provided action buttons.


Job Groups

The Job Groups tab allows for the filter assignment of custom job groups. As with the UDFs, use the Available and Selected filter sections to add or remove any job group(s) that needs to be used within the applicant experience portal.


Job Categories

The Job Categories tab allows for the filter assignment of system standard job categories. The Available Job Categories Filter section will contain a list of every job category in the system.



The States tab allows for the filter assignment of jobs by State. If applied, only jobs within the assigned State(s) will display on the experience portal.


Job Status

The Job Status tab allows for the filter assignment of jobs by their configured status. Assigning the Open status, for example, will limit the jobs displayed on your portal to only those currently assigned to the Open status.



The Clients/Departments tab allows for the filter assignment of jobs by their configured Client/Department.



Vendor assignment will be available for any account with existing Vendors within their company settings. Assigning one or more vendors will limit the jobs displayed on the experience portal to only those with the specified vendor(s).


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