Candidate Experience Portal CNAME Configuration (Advanced)

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Learn what CNAMES are and how to configure them within BrightMove.


Canonical Name record (abbreviated as CNAME record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) which maps one domain name to another. CNAME records can be used to customize the visible URL(s) for your account's portal(s). You can think of a CNAME record as an alias for your account's portal page. If you have a CNAME for "" that points at the portal domain (, candidates will see the "" URL within their browser instead of our standard URL. 

For further information regarding CNAME records, click here


The main purpose for the CNAME enhancement is to allow your account's portal sitemap to contain the URLs of your domain. This will allow you to register the portal sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools to allow Google to crawl your job postings on the portal for use with Google Jobs. When a CNAME record is configured, our standard portal URL prefix will be replaced with your custom URL and will display the custom CNAME in parenthesis beside your career portal title in the career portal settings screen. 

Using CNAMES with secure portals (HTTPS) is not recommended at this time and will generate SSL warnings.


Adding Your CNAME

Within your Candidate Experience Portal settings, you can select the title link or Edit button of the career portal that you would like to update. This will open that specific experience portal's settings, and you can add in your custom CNAME into the field provided. Once added, select the Save button to save the changes.


Configuring Your CNAME Record

If you would like a CNAME put in place for your BrightMove job portal:

1. Notify BrightMove Support at or via Live Chat you wish to create a portal CNAME. The fee for this service is $600.00. Please provide BrightMove with the available domain to be used in the CNAME. Only use one unique CNAME per portal.

2. Once BrightMove has completed the needed tasks on our end, we'll then let you know that your website administrator can now complete the CNAME process on their end.

CNAME configuration will need to be done from your personal or company domain website administrative tools and should be completed by a website administrator if available. Common domain registrars include,,,, InMotion Hosting, and To help assist in your custom CNAME record configuration, select the quick link for your domain registrar's help page below.  

For further assistance with adding your career portal sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, please click here.


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