Mass Submittal Status Change

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Mass submittal status changes are not just limited to declining candidates. You can mass update candidates into any status using the Mass Status Activity option. 


On the submittal tab of the job profile: 

1. Select the candidates to decline by putting check marks next to their names

2. Click Choose Action from List. 

3. Select Mass Status Activity

4. Click Go


Please note: Candidates need to be in the same starting submittal status to update them using this method. 


This brings up the add activity screen. You will see all the candidates listed at the top of the screen. 

1. Select the submittal status you want to update them to. 

2. Select the Activity type

3. Select the start time and end time

4. Add any Comments

5. Choose Set Reminder, Set Follow Up, Email to me, or Mark Completed if desired. 

6. Click Save



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