Changing a Candidate's Submittal Status in BrightFlow View

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This article will explain the methods used to update a candidate's submittal status while in the BrightFlow kanban view. Depending on your account's settings, certain submittal statuses may not be accessible until you have reached a certain point in the workflow. 

BrightFlow View

The BrightFlow view offers a kanban board style screen for working with your candidate's submittal workflow. Each column is called a "Swimlane", and your company settings will determine how many Swimlanes are available to work within. Select the BrightFlow action button to switch to this dynamic view. 


Updating a Submittal Status

To update a candidate's submittal status, you will need to either Add Activity to continue working within your current swimlane or drag-and-drop the candidate's card into the next applicable swimlane. Either action will trigger the submittal status update window to appear. 


Adding the New Activity

Once the New Submittal Activity window has opened, fill in the required details like you normally would. Click the Save button to confirm and complete the update.


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