How Does Posting a Job in BrightMove Work?

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Learn how BrightMove posts your jobs to job boards.


BrightMove ATS includes a real time posting mechanism for most of the major job boards, and batch posting for a handful of other free boards. The JDE (Job Distribution Engine) is a flexible and robust platform for easily plugging new job boards and APIs into BrightMove to facilitate the Edit Once, Post Everywhere philosophy.

How it Works

BrightMove has developed relationships with different Job Boards. We have a special way of sending them jobs from BrightMove so that the jobs will post on their sites just as if you had gone to the site and manually posted it yourself. When you add, edit or delete a job in BrightMove, the respective changes are made on the job boards, eliminating hours of job board management.

Confidential Job Postings for Staffing Companies

Want a confidential listing for your job?  As long as a company name is not included in the job description, there will only be your company name associated with the job listing. This applies to BrightMove Staffing Edition companies only.

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