Creating a Candidate Experience Portal

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Learn how to create new Candidate Experience Portals.

Creating a Candidate Experience Portal

Follow these steps to create a new applicant experience portal:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Candidate Experience Portals
  3. Click on New Portal


Candidate Experience Portal Setup


Portal Setup Field Descriptions

  • Name / Title: Type the name of this portal. If you are using it as a Vendor Portal than you can type the name of the vendor or partner here. 
  • Canonical Name / CNAME: This field will contain the CNAME for your portal should you choose to apply one. This will override the portal's URL prefix with your custom CNAME information. 
  • Status: Choose portal status, Active or Inactive.  
  • Doc Type: Your web developer will know what type to select based on your corporate website.
  • Locale: Pick your locale and if your area is not there then please email and ask that your locale be added.
  • BrightForm Application: Allows for the selection and assignment of custom BrightForm application forms. See our BrightForms page for more information on creating your own custom application.
  • Portal Type: Public - Post to Internet (Connects to Public Website), Employee - Post to Intranet (Connects to Internal website), None - Does not posts jobs.
  • Access Password: This field allows you to set a password on the portal to limit access.
  • Secure / SSL Enabled: Toggle ON/OFF the secure URL protocol for your experience portal. Enabling this setting will set your portal URL to begin with HTTPS://.
  • Default Experience: Only one portal per account may be set as the Default. Toggle this setting on to set the current portal as the default portal.
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