Managing a Candidate Experience Portal Layout

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Learn how to customize the Candidate Experience Portal layout.

Configuring Experience Portal Layout

Follow these steps to configure the portal layout:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Candidate Experience Portals
  3. Click on More for the portal you wish to edit
  4. Click on Manage Layout


Layout Panes

Each layout pane can be drag-and-dropped between the Available Panes section and the Assigned Pane sections. Top Assigned Panes will display at the top of your experience portal and will span the width of the portal page. Left and Right Assigned Panes will create a two column layout when panes are assigned to them and will always display below any top assigned panes.




Pane Descriptions

  • Open Jobs: Shows the 20 most recent posted jobs.
  • All Open Jobs: Shows a list of all open jobs sorted by Open Date (shows up to 100 jobs)
  • Hot Jobs: Only shows jobs with the Hot job status.
  • State List: Allows the Candidate to look for jobs by State.
  • Job Group List: Allows the Candidate to look for jobs by Job Group.
  • Job Category List: Allows the Candidate to look for jobs by Job Category.
  • Job Search Box: Shows more search option boxes: Keyword, Location, Radius, Job Category and a Sort by field.
  • Minimized Job Search: Shows the minimal search option boxes: Keyword and Location.
  • Login: The login area for Candidates if your portal security allows Candidates to login and manage their profile.
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