Merging Clients/Departments

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Sometimes, it may be necessary to merge duplicate Clients/Departments in BrightMove. For instance if you've accidentally created the same Client/Department twice and don't want to confuse your company.

We'll walk you through the merging process in this article.

Merging Clients/Departments:

To merge a Client/Department:

  1. Navigate to profile of the Primary Client/Department (this is the Client/Department that will remain after the merge)
  2. Click More on the top right                            merge.PNG
  3. Select Mergemerge2.PNG
  4. From here you can select the name of the Client/Department that you would like to merge with your Primary
  5. When ready, click Merge


  • When merging the two Clients/Departments, any information in UDFs will not transfer to the new Client/Department, so be sure to select the profile with UDF information as the primary
  • Please Note: The merge cannot be undone once completed, not even by a BrightMove employee, so double check your selection before hitting merge


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