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Once you've learned to how perform a Wildcard search and pull everything from your database, you might be wondering how to filter those results down.

Here, we'll cover all you need to know to add filters, combine filters, and more!


In our following examples, we are going to be performing a Candidate Power Search, but this will work for the same for Client/Department, Manager, and Job Power Searches.

By Default, your filter dropdown displays Everything.


To begin adding filters to your power search:

  1. Click on Everything to open the filter dropdown menufilter.PNG
  2. Select which type of filter to apply (Current Title in our example)
  3. Enter your keyword or phrase into the Power Search... box, then click Add Filteradd_filter.PNG

Note: Depending on which filter you select, the Power Search... box may turn into a dropdown menu or number selector. Most commonly, it is a text box where you can type words or phrases.

Here's an example where we've selected a Current Title filter, typed the term president, and clicked Add Filter:


As you can see, the results have been narrowed down to 15 candidates, all of which have president in their Current Title.

Notice that the selected filter appears to the right of the Everything and Power Search... boxes and the boxes themselves have been cleared out.

Important: When your filter search term is a multi-word phrase, enclose the terms in quotes. This ensures that Power Search will look for the full phrase and not the individual words.


Adding a Second Filter:

Let's add another filter.

Follow the exact same process above after you click Add Filter on the previous search term.

Once you add your second filter, the results should look like this:


By adding both filters in this way, this has automatically created an AND search, meaning that the results will only display candidates with both President in their title AND with the current company Windows.

If you'd like to search for candidates with President in their title OR with the company Windows, you can Join the filters.

Joining Filters:

To join filters:

  1. Click the small blue arrow next to one of the filters
  2. Select Join With [Filter]


Note: From this dropdown menu, you can also:

  • Edit the individual filter
  • Remove the individual filter

This will combine both filters into an OR search, where the results will display candidates that fulfill at least one of the criteria, but not necessarily both.


Once joined, the filter dropdown menu changes:


From here, you can:

  • Edit Filter, but only the individual filter listed first in the join order
  • Remove the paired filters
  • Remove SubQuery, which is the filter that was joined to the other filter. In this example, the SubQuey is Windows
  • Edit SubQuery, which allows you to edit the SubQuery

Require or Exclude Keywords:

During your searches, you may want to Require that a certain keyword appear, or you might want a word Excluded entirely from your results.

To do this, following these steps:

  1. Click on Everything to open the filter dropdown menu
  2. Select which type of filter to apply
  3. Enter your keyword or phrase into the Power Search... box
  4. Before clicking Add Filter, select either the Require or Exclude checkboxrequire_exclude.PNG
  5. When you've made your choice, Add Filter
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