Creating Basic Qualification Questions


Basic Qualifications are custom knockout questions that you can ask you candidates when they apply to jobs. In this article, we will go through the process of a creating new basic qualification, or BQ, questions and answers.

Creating Basic Qualification (BQ) Questions:

To create your new BQ question, begin by going to the Settings page, found by clicking your avatar icon in the top right of the ATS page.

From Settings, click on Basic Qualifications.


To create a new question:

  1. Click Add in the top right of the BQ page
  2. Enter text in the Question text field
  3. Select your Question Type. Types include:
    1. Multiple Choice
    2. Essay
  4. Show On Portal - If check marked, your new BQ question will appear for all jobs your candidates apply to. Leave this unchecked if you want to assign this BQ to jobs individually.
  5. Require Correct Answer - If check marked, your BQ question will require a correct answer when candidates answer it. If a candidate fails a required correct BQ question, they may be auto-declined in the workflow based on your company preferences.
  6. When finished, click Create Question.

Creating Answers:

If the question type of Multiple Choice is selected, another section will appear that asks you to create answers to this question. This is required to have a fully functional BQ question.


To add answers to your question:

  1. Click the blue plus symbol in the Answers box
  2. Type your Answer text. This could be as simple as Yes or No
  3. If applicable, mark your answer as Correct. This will internally label this answer as the correct answer when candidates are answering your BQ questions. This is directly related to the Required Correct option covered earlier.
  4. When finished, click Save Answer.

A new section will appear with your currently saved answers.


From here, you can Edit and Delete any saved answers.

To add another answer, click the blue plus symbol and follow the steps above.

When you're finished creating answers for this question, click Save Question and your new BQ will be finalized.


To assign BQ's to a single job, follow this link: Assigning Basic Qualifications Questions to a Specific Job



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