Recruiting Analytics Dashboard

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Additional company analytics can be found within the Recruiting Analytics Dashboard. The following article will go into more detail.

Accessing the Analytics Dashboard:

To access the Recruiting Analytics Dashboard:

  1. Click on your avatar in the top right of the screen
  2. Select Reports                                                           report.PNG
  3. Click on Recruiting Analytics and Conversion Report report2.PNG

Recruiting Analytics Dashboard:

From the dashboard, users are able to view their analytics data by Portal, Source, and From and To Dates.

The default graphs will display Browsers, Devices, and Sources for the portal and/or source selected. The dashboard is available to all users with the permissions needed to access and view the analytics feature. 


Table View:

Click the Table View toggle to change how you view the data.


Comparing Portals:

To compare the analytics data from two portals:

  1. Select the Portal drop-down menu and select your first portal
  2. In the new Compare drop-down that appears, select your second portal


The analytics dashboard will display the data of both portals along with several graphs detailing the data further.

Table View can also be used when comparing portals.


Additional Actions:

Each pie chart and bar graph also features a handy menu button that you can click for additional actions.


You can:

  1. View in fullscreen to see a larger version of the graph
  2. Print chart if you need to file or present a particular graph
  3. Download the graph in PNG or JPEG image format
  4. Download it as a PDF document
  5. Download as an SVG vector image
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