Deleting a Candidate Profile and the Candidate Recycle Bin

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The Candidate Recycle Bin provides a powerful tool for restoring candidate profile that were deleted and allows users the ability to permanently delete profiles that are no longer needed within your database.  When the Delete option is selected for a candidate profile, the candidate's data is moved into the recycle bin.  This tool allows users to access, review, and restore or permanently delete those deleted candidate profiles.  Accidental profile deletions can be corrected immediately to allow the users to continue working within the candidate's data.


Navigating to the Recycle Bin

To get to the recycle bin,

1. Click Candidates

2. Recycle Bin



Inside the Recycle Bin 

Once inside the Recycle Bin, users will be presented with a list of known candidate profiles that were deleted from the database. 

Each line will list a deleted candidate's ID, Last Name, First Name, City, State, and Last Modify Date

Search is used to locate specific candidate profiles

Refresh resets the list of profiles

Go Back brings you back to the page you previously on



You can restore any individual profile by selecting Undelete. You can also remove a profile by selecting Delete Permanently


You can also delete or restore in bulk by checking the profiles you would like to restore or delete. When selecting multiple candidates, a new option appear at the top of the page. 

Select Delete Permanently to remove all selected profiles

Select Undelete to add all selected candidates back into your database 




Please Note: If the candidate is permanently deleted, we are unable to recover the profile. 

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