Interview Schedule Export Summary Report to Interviewer(s)

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In BrightMove, you can create interview schedules with the Interview Schedules tool found under Settings.

Once you've created an interview schedule, you can send it out to one or more hiring manager. In this article, we'll walk you through how to do that.

Summary Report:

Once you are ready to send the Interview Schedule, info and attachments to the Interviewer(s):

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Interview Schedules
  3. Click the Summary Report button on far right of the schedule you wish to sendinterview.PNG
  4. Review the assigned Interviewer(s). You can add additional or remove an Interviewer from here as well before you send it outinterview2.PNG
  5. The assigned Interview Attachments are displayed and you can add additional attachments if neededinterview3.PNG
  6. Next you will see possible Candidate Resumes / Attachments that you can select to add for the Interviewer(s)interview4.PNG
  7. The Schedule and Interviewees names are displayed in their assigned times
  8. You can add comments for the Interviewer in the Notes field if you would like to (optional)
  9. Finally, click the Export Interview Report button to send it to the Interviewer(s)
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