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BrightMove Analytics with Power BI is a robust platform for designing and viewing reports and dashboards.

Here, we'll walk you through setup and installation.

Power BI:

Once users have installed Power BI Desktop, they can pull in their company data to generate visual reports and dashboards. The Power BI dataset and reports can then be published to the Power BI Cloud platform so they can be shared inside your organization.


The following steps outline how to get all of the required components so that you can start designing reports:

  1. Download and Install Microsoft Power BI Deskto
  2. Download the BrightMove Power BI Data Model (PBIX File)


  1. Open Microsoft Power BI
  2. Choose File -> Open from the Menu, and then select the Brightmove.pbix file downloaded in Step 2 above.
    The built-in reports will show with no data to report on. This is normal until we configure your credentials to pull your data.
  3. The next step is to tell Power BI your BrightMove credentials so your data can be retrieved
  4. Click Refresh in the top menu

  5. Click Basic

  6. Enter your BrightMove username and password.  (These are the same credentials you use when accessing BrightMove from your browser.)

  7. Select the bottom URL radio button ( then click Connect

    Depending on the amount of data you have in BrightMove, this process can take anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour.
  8. The progress will look similar to this dialog. Once all of your data has been downloaded, this dialog will disappear and you should see data in your default report tabs
  9. Here is what your default report might look like once the data has been download.


Congratulations! You have successfully pulled your BrightMove Analytics data into Power BI. You can now start creating reports.


These resources are helpful in learning how to use Power BI to create reports.

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