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Frequently asked questions about the Analytics pack for BrightMove.

What is OData?

OData is the shortened name describing the Open Data Protocol.  OData is a technical specification that describes how to interactively query a data repository using web services.  The official site for  OData is located at  BrightMove provides support for OData through a paid add-on we call the BrightMove OData Feed.  By purchasing the add-on, you can use your BrightMove data within a 3rd party analytics tool like Microsoft Power BI.  If you would like to purchase this add-on, contact

What is the BrightMove Analytics OData feed URL?

Note:  You will need to supply your login and password to access this URL.

How often is the BrightMove Analytics data refreshed from the On-Demand data?

At this time, data is loaded from the on-demand BrightMove ATS database into the BrightMove analytics database once per day. This process starts at 7:00 AM EST.

If you refresh your data in Power BI Desktop each day, do so after 8:00 AM EST to get all of your latest data from the previous day.

There is a Refresh Dataset option in Power BI Cloud, can I schedule a refresh from there?

The dataset refresh in Power BI Cloud currently has a bug (as of 11/06/2015) when refreshing online OData sources. We have a bug report on file with Microsoft, and will update the users and this document once they have resolved this bug.

Once the bug is resolved by Microsoft, you can schedule your daily refresh in Power BI Cloud, and at that point there will be no need to refresh from Power BI Desktop and then Publish to the Cloud.

Do you support cross-company reports for RPO?

Currently, datasets only include the company data for the primary company of the authenticated user.

Is Microsoft Power BI Free?

Yes and no.

Power BI Desktop is free.

Power BI Cloud is free for up to 1GB of data storage.

If your company has a large amount of data (> 1GB), you will need to upgrade to Power BI Pro, which allows up to 10GB of data storage. As of 10/31/2022, the price for Power BI Pro is $9.99 per user, per month.

Do I have to use Power BI for Analytics?

No. We recommend Power BI because of the cost effectiveness and ease of use. However, with your BrightMove Analytics user license, you are paying for access to the OData feed of your BrightMove data.

You can consume this data feed with any tool that you would like to use. If you have in-house tools that you would like to use, feel free to use them with our OData feed. Our OData service uses Basic authentication with your BrightMove username and password.

Do you support Power BI and offer training on Power BI?


We chose Power BI because it is a well supported and intuitive product. Please use the Power BI Support documentation. If you are a Power BI Professional subscriber, you should also be able to open support tickets with Microsoft for any assistance you may need.

I cannot connect to your OData Service, who do I contact for support?

BrightMove supports our OData service just like all the other aspects of our software suite.  Please email to create a ticket and one of our support specialists will help you in troubleshooting connectivity to the OData Service.

BrightMove Analytics sounds great. How do I get licensed to use it?

We are happy to get you setup and using BrightMove Analytics to help get the most out of your BrightMove experience.

Contact to add licensing for our OData feed.

How do you charge for the BrightMove Analytics OData feed?

Currently, we license access per named user. The cost is $500 per month, per account.


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