Client/Department Recycle Bin

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In the Client/Department Recycle Bin you can view a list of all Clients/Departments that have been deleted.

This is useful if you want to view a record of deleted Clients/Departments, or would like to undo any deletion. We'll go over the finer details of this tool here.

Finding the Recycle Bin:

To find the Recycle Bin:

  1. Look for Clients/Departments in the left-hand navigation menu and click itrecycle_bin.PNG
  2. Select Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin:

From the Recycle Bin page you'll see a list of all Clients/Departments that have been deleted, as well as actions you can take.


  • If the deletion was a mistake, click Undelete
  • If you're absolutely sure you will never need this profile again and want the record removed, click Delete Permanently

Note: If you choose to delete an entity permanently, it will do just that. There will be no way to recover that profile, even with our help.

  • The column containing check boxes will allow you to mass permanently delete or mass undelete many profiles at once, for those big mistakes
  • With the Search box, you can search your roster of deleted Clients/Departments and permanently delete or undelete from there
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