Inbound Email Parser Report

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Here you'll find details for the Inbound Email Parser Report.

Inbound Email Parser:

The Inbound Email Parser Report will give you a snapshot of all of the resumes that you have parsed into the system with the email parser tool.

It will display:

  • The address that the email was sent from
  • The subject of the email
  • The candidates name
  • When it was received/processed
  • The parse status.


The date range for this report will default to today's date but you can change the parameters just by clicking on the calendar icons for Start and End dates.

Please note: This report will only list those resumes sent from an email address that is registered to the user, who ran the report. The registered email addresses can be found by clicking on your avatar in the top right and selecting My Profile. They will be in your profile as your default email address or any alternate email addresses.

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