BrightFlow Kanban Setup

BrightFlow Overview

BrightFlow is a Kanban style implementation of the submittal workflow. It is a high-level view of statuses that can be categorized into user generated Swim Lanes. Adding an additional layer to your submittal workflow has a notable increase in recruiter efficiency. BrightFlow provides a clean UI that packages your statuses into highly customizable fields for easy viewing and tracking.


Status tiles with a green background are Placement statuses, Blue background are Submitted to Client statuses (Sendout), Red are Declined/Rejected statuses and gray are all others in-between.

The column header colors are customizable by you!

BrightFlow How-To Guide

Creating a Swim Lane

To access the setup page navigate to the settings menu from your quick links and select BrightFlow Setup in the Company Settings section. 

To create a new Swim Lane press the Add Swim Lane button on the top right. This will open a configuration modal that allows you to pick the name, text color, background color, and border color. There is no limit to the number of Swim Lanes you can create.



  1. When you are structuring BrightFlow keep in mind that you must assign each status to a lane for candidates assigned to that status to be visible or for candidates to be moved into that status from another lane.
  2. Don't create individual lanes for each status. They are designed to be groupings or categories to hold statuses within.

Swim Lane Actions

To edit an existing Swim Lane click on the name of the Swim Lane you wish to edit or the pencil icon beside it. To adjust the location of the Swim Lane you can click the left and right arrow keys. To delete a Swim Lane press the Trash Can icon. The number to the left of the Trash Can displays how many statuses are in that lane. 


Adding Submittal Statuses to a Swim Lane

All of your statuses will be unassigned by default. Placement statuses have a green background, declined statuses have a red background, and all other statuses will be grey.

To move a status into a Swim Lane simply drag and drop a card from either the unassigned pool or a currently assigned lane.



To save your changes select the Save button at the top right. To disregard your changes you can select Back to Settings instead.



Q: Why don't I see this section in my Settings menu?

A: Access to this module is controlled by the security role permission for Manage Submittal Workflow. If you cannot access this area, please contact your Account Admin to determine if access is appropriate for you.

If you are the account admin and need help enabling this section, please contact and we'll be happy to assist. 


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