Job Board Log Report


This report allows you to view all jobs that have been successfully posted to paid job boards


How to pull the report

1. Open the reports page by going to Quick Links menu>Reports. This report is found under the Job Reports section.

2. From this screen, you can edit the Start and End Date range, the default is the past 30 days.

3. You can also specify a particular Job Board or default to All Job Boards.

4. When you're ready, click Run Report to generate results.



How to Interact with this Report

Once you've received your results, you can then click the various columns, such as Job Board and Job, to sort them. Start typing the Search box to narrow down the results.

You also have the option to Export CSV if you'd like to have a copy of the results.



If you do not see this report in your Report suite, please notify your Administrator to request the report be enabled.

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