Assigning Activities to Submittal Statuses


In this article, you will learn how to assign activities to statuses within your company's workflow. 

Locating the Submittal Workflow Settings

Your company's submittal workflow settings are located within the main Settings screen under the Submittal Workflow link. Note: The options available in the Settings screen may vary depending on your currently assigned security role. 


Assigning Activities 

To assign or update the assignment of submittal activity types within a given submittal status, start by selecting the Edit button for the status you want to work within. There are several tabs at the top of the status' settings window, and you will want to select the Activity Types tab to make your changes. There are two settings for each available activity type in the lists: Hidden and Visible. 

For any submittal activity that you want accessible while assigning your current submittal status, check the bubble in the Visible column. Conversely, any activity that should not be available needs to have the Hidden bubble selected. If you would like all activities to either be Hidden or Visible, select the corresponding Mark All button at the top of each column. 

The Mass column denotes which activities are available when performing a Mass Status change action. 



Activities can be sorted from within the Sort Activity Types tab. Use the arrows to move an activity up or down in the list or drag and drop an activity precisely where you want it to be. 



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